When I was 19 years old I found myself under lots of stress. This was due to being newly separated from my family due to being in the military. While on shift I started to think about all of the things I had no control over, one of those was the well being of my family back home.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed I knew I needed to talk with someone. I saw a phone number to a place where I could have someone listen... I just needed to vent. While venting I did not notice I was speaking to an actual doctor. By the end of the conversation/assessment I was feeling better.

Shortly after hanging up the phone I was greeted with an ambulance and my direct supervisor. I quickly realized that phone call was a bad idea.

I was taken to the hospital, placed on 24 suicide watch and assessed again by a doctor. Once they realized I was only venting and posed no immediate danger to anyone or myself, I was released. I share this story not only because it's the only one I know where someone is detained by accident... but to say that although you may know you can't control all situations, it's good to be able to at least talk about them.

Being aware of my feelings and finding ways to vent without ending up in a psych ward has helped me deal with a myriad of feelings. Journaling, listening to music and exercise helps me tremendously.

- Danielle H.